Creating good

When Create Good first began giving back in 2013 donations were small.  After years of growth, our donations are growing with us. As of December 2016, Create Good has been able to positively impact over 1,700 students in 26 classrooms. Listed below are a few we've helped along the way using


kansas classroom

In May 2016, this classroom in Kansas needed support in buying sports equipment for gym classes and recess.  Thanks to donations being matched by ESPN, it was fully funded and the kids can work on their jump shots!

earth day.jpg

florida classroom

In March 2016, theses kids were hoping to gear up for a memorable Earth Day education. Along with other donators, these middle schoolers learned how to help save the planet in art class.


Michigan classroom

In March 2015, this classroom was looking for educational and interesting games to have available when they were required to stay indoors for recess. They received legos, map puzzles, and math race games.


N. Carolina classroom

In November 2014, this new classroom barely had any books for the students.  Along with other donors, we were able to provide the kids with books that they're excited to read.


Considering donating?

All of the donations are given directly to teachers through  I love the option to give specific funds to teachers and projects of my choice.  I never worry how my money is spent and getting thank you notes in the mail is perfect.